Septic Tank Treatments

Reliable Grease Trap Services
for Geneva, Mentor, & Madison, OH

All types of properties can benefit from grease trap cleaning. From your medical facility to your office, our team can do it all. 
Restaurants, nursing homes, schools and various commercial properties have grease traps that need thorough cleaning. A grease trap needs proper maintenance and cleaning in order to drain liquids effectively. Failure to utilize professional grease trap services can result in your grease trap being clogged with old grease and debris, unpleasant odors and overflow. 
Northeast Septic Service is here to help you avoid costly backups, untimely issues and maintain a clean work environment. Call our experienced team today for grease trap services!

Call to Learn More About Our Septic Tank Cleaning Services & Treatments

Throughout Ashtabula, OH, and the surrounding areas, septic tanks are common for many homeowners and business owners. Failure to stay up-to-date on your septic tank cleanings & scheduled maintenance will only create expensive headaches in the future. At Northeast Septic Service, we utilize the best products and state-of-the-art techniques to clean & treat your septic system. Our thorough septic tank cleanings & treatments have many positive benefits to you and your property.

• Increases the longevity of your tank

• Prevents back-ups into your home

• Eliminates health concerns & foul odors

• Environmentally friendly 
Whether you recently purchased a home or have been a member of our community for years, you can trust Northeast Septic Service to take care of all your septic tank needs. Our team proudly serves Geneva, Ashtabula, Mentor, Perry, Madison, Kirtland, Concord, Willoughby, and Thompson, OH. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate on any septic tank cleaning or to learn more about our other services.