Perry, OH

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Perry is a small, quiet village in Lake County, Ohio, 36 miles northeast of Cleveland. Perry is known for being named after Oliver Hazard Perry, who in 1813 led troops in the battle of Lake Erie. Lee Lydic Park is located in the village and is the perfect place to set up for a picnic, have your kids run around on the playground, or go fishing and swimming in the pond. You can also catch up with some friends, grab a few drinks, and eat some delicious food at the Village Pub. Perry is a safe village with a friendly community, and people genuinely enjoy living in this village. 
With Perry being a small village, it is essential to make sure all your systems in your home or business are up to date and working correctly. If you need assistance cleaning your septic tank, Northeast Septic Service can help you. A clean septic system makes for a healthier community. 

Perry's Trusted Septic Tank Cleaning

If you don’t regularly clean your septic system, you could risk a severe buildup of sludge and debris. A septic system buildup could cause water damage to your property’s walls, floors, and yards, which could then cause mold. To protect your residential and commercial property from water damage, we suggest hiring a professional to clean out your septic tanks. At Northeast Septic Service, we provide quality septic tank cleaning and grease trap services. Our team uses advanced technology to diagnose the problem and find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

We have provided septic tank cleaning services for over 25 years and offer reliable services to those tough to handle jobs. Call us today to schedule a septic tank cleaning or grease trap service. We look forward to providing services to our neighbors in Perry!