Grease Trap Cleaning

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for Geneva, Mentor, & Madison, OH

All types of properties can benefit from grease trap cleaning. From your medical facility to your restaurant, our team can do it all. 
Restaurants, nursing homes, schools and various commercial properties have grease traps that need thorough cleaning. A grease trap needs proper maintenance and cleaning in order to drain liquids effectively. Failure to utilize professional grease trap services can result in your grease trap being clogged with old grease and debris, unpleasant odors and overflow. 
Northeast Septic Service is here to help you avoid costly backups, untimely issues and maintain a clean work environment. Call our experienced team today for grease trap services!

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Local counties have been cracking down on grease traps in commercial properties and restaurants because grease has a tendency to harden and turn into large chunks. The hardened grease can clog county sewer lines and wreak havoc on the entire system.
We clean inside and outside traps leaving no mess behind whatsoever. We provide a variety of maintenance services to meet your needs. Take a look at how we can help you.

• High-Pressure Line Jetting

• Video Camera Line Inspections

• Municipal Reporting 

• Approved Disposal Sites
Our cleaning service is perfect for restaurants and residential systems alike. Please call today to schedule your service!